Let's talk about you first...

I’ve worked directly with hundreds of freelancers, consultants, and small agency owners. So far 100% of the people I’ve spoken to, coached, or consulted didn’t set out to become a master salesperson. Eventually, though, they realized that the lack of a quality sales process was holding them back.

If you’re reading this, I will venture to guess that you have expertise that’s valuable to your clients. That means there are others out there who need your help, too.

Even if you’re not getting the sales and clients you want today, you can. It’s going to take a shift in your mindset, practice, and a sharpened sense of empathy and understanding. Yes, I can help you with sales, and yes, I’m talking about feelings.

Feelings are so important because they’re the underpinning of your confidence or lack thereof. Having a process is essential. Always knowing what to do or say next is critical. And approaching your potential client and marketing partner relationships creatively will yield you huge gains. But how you think and feel about selling will make the most significant long-term change.


Hi, I’m Liston. I help freelancers and consultants sell with confidence.

My Selling Rules

  • Rule #1: Serve, don’t sell.
  • Rule #2: No next step, no sale.
  • Rule #3: Sales don’t happen over email.
  • Rule #4: No pitching during discovery.
  • Rule #5: You create clients, you don’t “get” them.

My Story

Since you’re still reading, I owe you a little background. I’ll give you the short version.

In 2011 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Environmental Science. I worked for WRA, a $10M company that provided biological consulting services to land developers, where I led all sales and marketing efforts. While there, I landed a $1.2M project and upped our close rates. Since I was in charge of marketing, I ran a quick experiment: I sent out an email newsletter, and got back a $30k project. I was stunned. So was my boss. That began my study of digital marketing.

While at WRA I started freelancing as a digital marketer on the side. It was a whole new world, and I was fascinated. Having always been driven to understand how and why people do the things they do, digital marketing was a fertile playground for me. Eventually, I built enough pipeline to earn more as a freelancer than I earned in my day job.

I left WRA and started Good Funnel, a boutique digital marketing firm offering copywriting, content, and conversion optimization services. I’ll humble brag and tell you we brought in $270k in the second year (with a partner). But during my time running Good Funnel, I realized two things: 1) I didn’t want to spend my creative energy writing for clients, and 2) I missed the human interaction that powers sales. Marketing can become about numbers and dashboards, and I love talking to and understanding people.

Somewhere along the way, I chatted with other business owners and learned something surprising: one of the key reasons I was able to build Good Funnel so quickly was my sales ability. It wasn’t entirely natural, either. I worked at it, and saw the results.

After working with hundreds of freelancers and consultants, and educating thousands more through workshops, articles, and webinars, I’m dedicated to helping you become more confident while you sell.

My vision is for every freelancer, consultant, and agency owner to sell with confidence, always know what to do next, and build the thriving business that they’ve always wanted.

I invite you to join me.

-Liston Witherill

It's time for a thriving business. Take control today.