The Monthly Review – August 2018

Once again, thank you for stopping by.

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First of all, welcome to my first monthly review!

I’m excited things have come this far and I want to show you guys what has happened, where I am, what my plans are, and what will the future bring.

What Will You Learn In this Article

  • Where I am Now And How I Got Here
  • What About My Quarterly Growth Goals?
  • Consulting Sales Bootcamp
  • The Show
  • How I Screwed Up My Giveaway
  • What I Have Learned And What Are My Next Steps

Where I am Now And How I Got Here

Let’s start with my monthly review!

At the beginning of the year, I pivoted my business. I was doing marketing consulting for clients. I ran a sales training startup with a partner until we decided to go our separate ways. So, that led me to start this version of my business, which lives here on Thanks for being here!

However, once I started my coaching business, I realized nobody knew me as a coach.

No one other than my clients knew my abilities and I was relatively unknown in the market.

So, the first thing I did was just talk to everybody I knew.

And let me tell you: that went extremely well and built a great foundation for my business.

My main goal for this year was to build awareness, and that was the key metric I wanted to achieve. And increase my revenue, of course, but that has worked quite nicely.

One of the best things I’ve gained over these eight months is visibility.

Visibility over my own process and the way things work in my business.

Right now, I have some clients who are starting to wind down, which helps me to see approximately how long people will engage with me and my coaching. That has led me to devise a month-to-month coaching agreement that could go from a three to a six-month commitment.

Visibility has also helped me create a better structure around my teachings and the knowledge I have in building a better sales process.

What About My Quarterly Growth Goals?

For this last quarter, what I’d like to do is acquire twelve new coaching clients.

The reason for this number? A revenue goal that I have.

If you feel like you need a helping hand to jumpstart your business, let me help you. Just click on the link below and we’ll start.

Strategy Session Application

These 12 clients are going to start with a highly structured program that’s going to end in an open-ended group coaching program.

I’ve also started to have conversations with larger companies, which is pretty exciting and different to what I do because I typically work with solopreneurs or small business owners. However, I’m starting to have conversations with people in larger companies and these people need something different.

I also aim at getting two consulting engagements, which will be much larger in size.

Consulting Sales Bootcamp

Like I mentioned, my business originally started out with me offering advisory services. But that was relatively unstructured and open-ended.

That changed in June when I decided to send out an email to some of my subscribers and ask them if they wanted to join a new online learning experience I was designing.

I gave a private webinar, and four people bought right off the bat. I ended with seven students of what’s now called the Consulting Sales Bootcamp, which will be, I believe, the first part of my coaching program.

The boot camp is an 8-week, online learning experience that has me really excited. Also, the feedback that I’ve gotten so far from people has been fantastic. Me and the students meet weekly, which increases accountability and adds a lot of value. The program is structured with 4 accountability and reinforcement methods every single week.

For me, Consulting Sales Bootcamp is a really big deal. So stay tuned for my September update when I’ll have all the content ready and a thorough update on the boot camp.

The Show

Let’s talk about this podcast. The Show is a new place of my marketing mix.

The show is one of the places where I’ll focus most of my time and attention to build awareness and generate leads.

One of the best things of the podcast, as opposed to LinkedIn, is that I can talk about things that can help people start their business rather than simply going out and saying, “Try this sales tactic.”

Another reason I wanted to start this podcast is to bring you value.

Podcast Goals

My original goal was to get 1,000 downloads in the first month. At the time of this recording, I’ve had 872 downloads. That’s plenty, but not quite my goal.

Here’s what I’ve done so far to promote the show:

  • I marketed it to my email list.
  • I marketed it on LinkedIn and posted video and status updates with a link where people can listen to select episodes.
  • I bought an ad placement on Overcast, which will show ads to people listening to podcasts on the Business section (I should’ve placed those ads on the general section, though) and it might bring some traffic and subscribers.
  • I also bought an ad with Adknit (If you subscribe, tell Kris I sent you). Adknit allows me to place a one-minute advertisement spot that runs just after a person has listened to a full episode. This will happen approximately 500,000 times, so I hope I get at least some subscribers from those impressions.

How I Screwed Up My Giveaway

I used to have another podcast called Buyer Insights, and you want to know something? I was really crappy at promoting it and, unsurprisingly, not many people showed up to listen.

That’s why I wanted to launch The Show not with more fanfare, but with more awareness.

I wanted to give people the chance to be part of the evolution of the show, and I also wanted some early feedback so I can evolve with it and make the show better as quickly as possible.

And, taking the cue from my friend Dylan Hey,  I thought, well, let’s do a giveaway as he did.

And what does a good marketer do when they want to do a giveaway?

They start sending emails.

I sent emails to seventeen companies, and I got a whopping 87% open rate, and from those sixteen companies that opened the email, 60% replied. So, out of those sixteen recipients, I was able to secure seven prizes from seven companies that totaled $8,000 in free software.

Everything seemed amazing, and I was expecting this thing to totally go viral and have a thousand or more email addresses, but boy was I wrong.

I even placed some Facebook ads to power the giveaway, but at the end of the day, I had 982 people see my landing page and only 84 email addresses so, lesson learned. It took me 20 hours of time to set this up, so it wasn’t an insignificant investment, but, as I say, I’m a coach who’s getting coaching.

Coming Up In the Next Month

For starters, I was looking for a coach. A person to assist me with the know-how and a partner to brainstorm with. A person with experience to set the marketing automation that I’m finally ready for and that’s pretty exciting.

Now it’s a great moment because I have enough leads and breadcrumbs for people to find me.

And, let me tell you something. This feels strange because I’ve gone from being reactive in my business to be more proactive and plan ahead.

I’m also looking at adding speaking gigs next year to my marketing mix, and I think that’s another critical thing that takes a lot of planning. And since I also want time for vacation, family, and other things, I’ll start to plan ahead to make sure all bases are covered.

I hope you found something insightful about what I said.

That was my monthly review everybody. Thank you for reading. Stay in touch.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop me an email and just to reiterate if you’d like to book a Free Strategy Session with me, I do promise at least two and a half useful insights.