How to Negotiate With Clients on Pricing

Learning how to negotiate with clients on price is a rare skill that makes you money immediately. Find out how, right now. The art of negotiation is one of those elusive arts that seems confined to the inner sanctums of smoke-filled rooms. It’s not that complicated, actually. And the best news is that you can…

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B2B Video Strategy to Win New Clients

Having a solid, well-executed video strategy might be the single most important marketing channel. Here’s how to think about it. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. A one-minute video has 1,440 pictures, so how many words is that worth? When I started marketing my sales training and consulting business, I originally planned to market…

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Sales Lessons From Doctors

The question at the crux of improving your sales is simple: why do people buy some things, but not buy others? What’s the difference? I was reminded of the pervasiveness of this question when I listened to an episode of the Freakonomics podcast featuring Atul Gawande. One question that Gawande is tackling is related to…

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Consulting Referral Program: How to Get Client Referrals By Asking


Bring client referrals into your consulting business with a consulting referral program. Better leads. Better projects. Better clients. Better get a consulting referral program. Lower cost and faster sales. Do you want that? Of course you do! The best leads are those that come as a result of referrals (aka word of mouth). In fact,…

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Inbound vs. Outbound Leads: What’s the Difference?

More leads, more clients, and more revenue. We all want it. All of it. The question is: what’s the best way to drive more leads, clients, and revenue in your business? The fastest way is to work with what you already have. Once you’ve exhausted your existing network (for now at least), lead generation is…

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Get More Consulting Clients With What You Already Have: The Leftover Strategy

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s about getting together to cook a delicious meal, eating together, and doesn’t come with the pressure of gifts. After Thanksgiving passes, there’s inevitably a huge amount of uneaten food. (Note: we Americans call the uneaten food simply “leftovers.”) No one prefers leftovers. We prefer a fresh meal. We prefer…

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How to Make Every Sales Conversation Better From the Start

Sales Conversation on Laptop

“Thank you for your proposal. After careful consideration, we decided to go a different direction.” That overly formal and wholly impersonal message is one we’ve all heard before. Which is to say, a losing proposal is the result of a sales conversation that didn’t yield the result we wanted. Your first inclination may be to…

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How to Build Authority and An Audience: The Opening Act Strategy

Imagine it: a long line of raving fans who pay premium prices without haggling. It sounds like the fantastical stuff of podcasts, blogs, or books we read. It’s the tale told by countless consultants and marketers who want to sell you something. The reality looks a little different. The feast-and-famine cycle feels inescapable. Just-high-enough prices…

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