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The American Discount

By Liston Witherill / June 7, 2019 / Comments Off on The American Discount

I help client services professionals sell more services to their clients, ethically and confidently. I provide sales training, coaching, and consulting to teams who want to sell while providing the best client service and experience. If you’d like my help, hit reply to this email to start a conversation. — I just got back from…

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Podcast on anchoring

By Liston Witherill / April 24, 2019 / Comments Off on Podcast on anchoring

On this week’s Modern Sales podcast episode, I talk all about anchoring and how you can apply it to your sales. Check out the episode to learn: How anchoring works The personality types most susceptible to anchoring How anchoring applies to pricing How your value conversations can set an anchor against your price Why anchoring…

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Heavier than a boat anchor

By Liston Witherill / April 23, 2019 / Comments Off on Heavier than a boat anchor

When Tesla kickstarted the hype machine for the release of their Model 3, it was fueled by a simple and attractive promise. Namely, that they’d finally mass-produce a car, and it would be $30k. All of that Tesla tech, over-the-air software updates, insane mode, and the social status to boot for the low low price…

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Too many choices = bad

By Liston Witherill / March 27, 2019 / Comments Off on Too many choices = bad

How you sell isn’t as relevant as the compelling story you tell while you do it. One of the biggest problems I see with selling services is we tend to be too “me” focused. “Here’s why I’m the best…” “We solved that exact problem for a client once…” “We focus on 14 primary service lines…”…

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You can’t buy half a car

By Liston Witherill / March 26, 2019 / Comments Off on You can’t buy half a car

When it comes to selling, it’s vital that you give your client what they need, not what they want. I know, I know, it can be a little uncomfortable to do that for two reasons: 1) your client is ready to say yes to something, and 2) you don’t want to lose out on the…

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Setting Client Budget Expectations, Part II

By Liston Witherill / March 25, 2019 / Comments Off on Setting Client Budget Expectations, Part II

Budget – it’s one of those key things you and your client both need to know before you progress too far in the sale. If you’re too far apart on your client’s expectations, there’s no need to keep talking. So it’s essential to figure out – at least approximately – your client’s budget before you…

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Beyond order-taking

By Liston Witherill / March 22, 2019 / Comments Off on Beyond order-taking

Multnomah Whiskey Library is a local bar and restaurant here in Portland Oregon where I live. You don’t have a waiter at the Whiskey Library. You have what can only be described as a Spirit Consultant. When you sit down, you’re handed a spirits menu that feels like a professional folio bound in soft leather.…

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Conference networking tips webinar

By Liston Witherill / March 21, 2019 / Comments Off on Conference networking tips webinar

In case you missed it, I recorded a podcast and live webinar with my good friend Andy Storch last week. It’s chock full of conference networking tips, and the recording is now available. Before I drop the link, there’s something you should know. Andy absolutely loves going to conferences. Personally, I don’t understand it. As…

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Selling through influencers

By Liston Witherill / March 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Selling through influencers

There are an average of 6.8 stakeholders involved in any B2B buying decision, according to CEB Research. My experience is that the actual number varies widely. Sometimes it’s 1, sometimes it’s 10, sometimes it’s 6. The more people are involved, the more difficulty in getting the sale done. And the more people involved, the more…

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I blew that one

By Liston Witherill / March 19, 2019 / Comments Off on I blew that one

I did it. Well, more specifically, I didn’t do it. I lost an opportunity that I really wanted. Gone, goodbye, see ya. I really wanted to work with this client. They’re a managed IT services company with a remote team in South America. They needed sales training in order to help them acquire more clients,…

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