Being a Guest on Consulting Growth:
Everything You Need to Know

About the Show

Consulting Growth is a podcast is for CEOs and Principals of consulting firms, agencies, and professional services firms. Each episode is an interview with a specific expert who can help the audience, or the owner of a business.

The audience for the show consists of other business owners who want to hear stories from others in their field, and learn from them. Things like marketing and thought leadership, selling, and running and scaling their businesses are topics our listeners seek out.

The show is rapidly growing and has historically gotten 5k downloads per month. The show is hosted by Liston Witherill, and you can learn more about him here. Past guests have included David C. Baker, Blair Enns, Jonathan Stark, Nick Ellsmore ($23M exit), and Sean Flaherty (200+ employee development firm).

Your Commitment

If you’re interested in being a guest on Consulting Growth, all you have to do is:
1. Say yes!
2. Book a time to record (we record only on Mondays)
3. Fill out a short form
4. Record the episode (about an hour)

Once the show is recorded, we’ll notify you that it’s live, send you the link to the recording, and would greatly appreciate your sharing it via your email list, social media, or just some old-fashioned 1:1 recommendations. Whatever you’d like, and it’s not a requirement, but is certainly appreciated.

We record episodes via Zoom remotely, so you don’t have to leave your office. Just make sure you’re in a quiet area with no distractions (any type of headphones are a great help, too!), and we highly recommend using at least a headset, or preferably a decent USB microphone like this one.

If you have a webcam, it’d be great to see each other! We don’t publish the video, but it’s nice to chat face-to-face, albeit virtually. Each episode is published 3–6 weeks after recording, depending on the backlog of current episodes.

Ready to Book?

If you’re ready to book your appearance, click this link. You'll be taken to a booking page where you can choose the date and time that works best for you. Once you schedule your interview, you'll be taken to a short pre-interview survey.


What's the format of the show?
Consulting Growth is an interview show between the host, Liston Witherill, and just one guest. Interviews typically last 40 minutes, but we require you to commit to 1 hour so we're not rushed. The interview will focus on your experience building a business, and something actionable or strategic you can teach the audience.

When do you record?
We record on Mondays, and you're free to book as far out into the future as the calendar will let you. You are, like we are, subject to the rule of our evil calendar robots.

Do I need to pay to be a guest?
Nope, you don't pay anything! All you have to do is allocate 1 hour for recording, and a few minutes to fill out the pre-interview form.

I already get enough press...why do I need to do this?
Maybe not?!? If you feel you don't want additional press opportunities and this is a commitment you're not excited about, please don't do it. If you'd like to pay it forward by helping other consultants and business owners by sharing what you've learned, we'd love to have you.

What should I talk about?
You're free to suggest a topic, and if not, we will. We're pretty good at making our guests sound amazing.

What gives...I have a different question.
No worries, we'd be happy to answer anything that's on your mind. Just reply to the email that brought you here, or email podcast [at] liston [dot] io.