Private and Group Coaching

For Independent Consultants and Agency Owners

“I’m great at technical work. I suck at talking to clients.”

No one tells you that selling is a key driver of your success before you start a consulting business. And as you develop more leads, the need for adept selling becomes more pressing every day.

Leads come in. Occasionally conversations go well. Often they’re awkward. Sometimes they progress to a phone call, and sometimes you’re told to get lost.

The worst, most stinging feeling is losing those leads that you were sure would close. You counted the revenue, but the potential client, well…lost their potential.


“I finally feel confident talking to potential clients.”

Anthony had no problem finding people interested in his services. He had long, meandering calls that went on way too long, sometimes for hours. He had a successful career as a technical expert and consultant, so he had a good story.

But he wasn’t selling.

He had leads, but wasn't landing clients.

Anthony had three problems:

  • He lacked a process.
  • He needed more selling skills.
  • He needed selling knowledge.

Within two months of working together, he was able to book a few dream clients because we addressed each of his problems.

"I'm stuck. Lifeline, please?"

Are you stuck on one of the following problems? If so, I can help.

"I need more leads."

You've been surviving exclusively on referrals, and you're ready to add a proactive approach to take control of your business with inbound and/or outbound.

"I'm losing too many deals."

You're losing deals because you forget to follow up, don't know what to do next, or don't know how to get them unstuck.

"I need a process that scales."

You have plenty of leads coming in, but no process or infrastructure to deal with the lead flow. You know it's costing you money, and you need help getting it under control.

Anthony English

Liston's amazing! It seems to me that most of the sales advice assumes we're in a corporate sales team. Liston is breaking through that noise.

Anthony English, Business Coach and Consultant


How I Can Help With Coaching

My name’s Liston, and I developed my coaching exclusively for consultants and agency owners because the way you sell and deliver work is so different than product businesses.

Unlike sales professionals who sell and then collect their commission, you’re building your reputation from the moment you meet a client, then you have to deliver work to them. You don’t have the luxury of a product or huge team to hide behind.

I’ve built my coaching and content specifically for people like you. As a former agency owner myself and Head of Marketing and BD at a $10M consulting firm, I know what it’s like to be the seller and producer of work.

How It Works

The program is a combination of structured guidance, coaching, and direct support.

Here's a snapshot of how my coaching works:

  • 2x monthly live video meetings
  • Meetings with todos, coaching, and Q & A
  • Forever-access to video meeting recordings
  • Private discussion forum to keep the discussion going in between meetings
  • Role-play and worksheets to help you take action
  • Weekly accountability

2x Monthly Coaching Calls

We'll meet every other week for a live coaching call over Zoom. If you're in individual coaching, it'll be just me and you. In small group coaching, it'll be you, me, and up to five of your peers.

Every call will be recorded, saved, and given to you for 24/7, forever-access to rewatch.


Good news! Our video meetings work on any device, and none of the people in the picture will be there.

Watch a Real Sales Coaching Call


Understanding Your Clients

Define and target the clients you will acquire. Uncover the hidden forces that drive their buying decisions.

Near & Long Term Plan

Create a plan for near- and long-term wins, balancing the need for more business today and a thriving pipeline in the long run. Tools to start and continue conversations with new potential clients.

Selling Process and Skills

A step-by-step walkthrough of the process to create clients, from first contact to contract. How to move the selling process forward with leadership, structure, and The Art of the Next Step.

CRM + Follow Up

Staying organized and always knowing the next actions you can take in your pipeline.

Selling Skills and Mindset

A new way to think about yourself, your work, and your client so that you confidently approach every deal.

2x Monthly Video Calls

We’ll meet 2x a month via Zoom video meeting for an hour, with a combination of a short curriculum and Q+A.

Personal Attention

Whether you're in 1-on-1 coaching or small group coaching, you'll have personal attention from Liston during calls and in the interim through ongoing support in the discussion board.

Role Play

A big driver of confidence and know-how is practice. Short role play during our video calls will give you a chance to practice your new skills without the pressure of the sale.

Private Discussion

You’ll get access to a private discussion forum to keep the discussion going in between the times we meet. You can ask a question, help your peers, and build community in the process.

What Clients Are Saying

"Needed Help Transitioning from Expert to Selling Business Owner"

"Blog Posts and Podcasts Didn't Have the Answer"

Who This Is NOT For


This is not for you if you’re not open-minded.

This is not for you if you believe every sale has a winner and a loser (because it’s not true).

This is not for you if you don’t have the time to show up and do the work.

This is not for you if you want a quick fix or magic bullet (it doesn’t exist, btw).

This is not for you if you want Jedi mind tricks meant to “trick” or slyly manipulate your potential client.


Who This Is For


My coaching is for anyone selling professional services. That includes independent consultants, agency owners, coaches, developers, lawyers, accountants…if you’re selling services, the way you sell and the psychology at work are the same.

This training is intentionally designed to be short, high-impact, and focused on you, the service provider.

You’ll get the most out of the training if you bring an open-mind, and are willing to workshop your deals with me.

This program is also for you if you:

  • Are ready to move beyond 100% reliance on referrals and word of mouth business
  • Sometimes don’t know what to do next to advance a sale
  • Don’t have a selling process in place now
  • See selling as uncomfortable or adversarial
  • Have trouble addressing red flags, negotiating, or talking about money
  • Need help building new revenue streams
  • Want to create your business development program from scratch

Coaching Options

Bring Your Team

$3,500 per month
  • 2x per Month, 90-minute Coaching Calls
  • Forever Access to Recordings
  • Lifetime Curriculum Updates
  • Worksheets and Resources
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Private Team Sessions, Up to 5 Team Members
  • Flexible Program
  • 24/7 Email Access

1-on-1 Coaching

$2,000 per month
  • 2x per Month, 90-minute PRIVATE Coaching Calls
  • Forever Access to Recordings
  • Lifetime Curriculum Updates
  • Worksheets and Resources
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Flexible Program
  • 24/7 Email Access

Group Coaching

$500 per month
  • 2x per Month, 90-minute Group Calls
  • Forever Access to Recordings
  • Lifetime Curriculum Updates
  • Worksheets and Resources
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Max 6 Members Per Group
  • Structured Program

Not sure which one is right for you? Or do you need me to be your VP of BD and Sales for rent?

Schedule a time for us to talk.

"This Is Amazing" Guarantee

Here's my guarantee to you: if you're not 100% satisfied and left with a "this is amazing" feeling, just stop. I'll happily give your money back in the first 30 days. Plus there's absolutely no commitment. I won't make you sign up for 3- or 6-months of coaching because it's my responsibility to deliver every single month, not just in the first 30 days.