Consulting Sales Bootcamp

Have more conversations, have better conversations, and get a sales process you can follow.

Consulting Sales Bootcamp is an online learning experience to help consultants have more and better conversations in just 90 days. By the end of the program, you'll have one new marketing channel and a sales process to execute with your new potential clients.

I made CSB because I know that referrals alone are not sufficient to sustain a consulting business. I also know that you can get advice a lot of places, but what's needed is action and experiential learning. 

CSB is designed to help you take action, and hold you accountable along the way while developing critical, lifelong skills to help you sell anything more effectively.

Components of the Program

💻 Critical Selling and Outreach Skills: Online Learning

Online, on-demand videos are organized into weekly lessons with specific activities to execute at the end of each.

💬 Support: 2x Weekly Office Hours, Private Slack

There are 2 office hours sessions every week to accommodate time zones and give you some flexibility in your schedule. You'll also get access to a private Slack channel where you can ask questions and get feedback.

🔒 Accountability: Weekly Emails

The purpose of CSB is to get shit done. At the beginning of the program, Liston will have a private, 30-minute call with you to discuss your Big 3 Goals over the 12-week program, then you'll send your progress to Liston over email once a week.

🗝 Results

All of this is to land more clients, grow, and diversify your business. It’ll help you move beyond a passive, referral-only business, and toward one you control and can exercise measurable influence over.


CSB is a hybrid online training program with

  1. Online, on-demand videos
  2. Live weekly office hours sessions
  3. Private, members-only Slack group
  4. 12-weeks of accountability email check-ins

Every week and lesson will have a targeted activity that'll make a real difference for you in your business. If you execute the activities and stay on track, you'll have real conversations with your target clients, practice having winning sales conversations, and pro-actively take more control over your client acquisition.

Here's a typical week in the program:

  • Anytime: watch weekly lessons, content, ask questions in private Slack channel
  • Tuesday: office hours at 8am PST
  • Wednesday: office hours at 1pm PST
  • Friday: receive and reply to weekly accountability email


How CSB Is Organized

CSB is organized into a 12-Week Year, with 12 weeks of lessons broken into 3 modules, each corresponding to 4 weeks of learning and activities.


Module 1, Weeks 1-4: Have More Conversations

  • Know Your Ideal Client
  • Build Your Short List
  • Start Your Outreach and Having Conversations
  • Write Your Sales Story


Module 2, Weeks 5-8: Have Better Conversations

  • Sell More With a Service Mindset
  • Adopting a Questioning Strategy
  • Defining Client Value So They Know What You're Worth
  • Keeping Your Clients and Sales On Track


Module 3, Weeks 9-12: Build Your Process

  • Nailing the Most Important Part of the Sale
  • Making Your Offer a No-Brainer
  • Being the Go-to Choice For Your Client
  • How to Stay at the Top of Your Client's List


CSB is $700/mo for 3 months, or $1,800 paid upfront. Payment can be made through credit card, ACH (bank transfer), or bank wire.

What Others Are Saying

"Provided Me With the Confidence to Sell To People Who I Wouldn’t Normally Sell To"

Bob P, Management Consultant

“Night and Day Difference - Monumental Shift. I Felt Prepared and Knew Everything I Needed to Know In the Sales Process.”

Austin H, Digital Marketing Consultant

"Only Now Am I Getting All the Answers I've Needed"

Leo M, Dev Ops Consultant

"Know How to Guide People Through the Process of Becoming a Client. Highly Recommend Liston."

Ryan H, Custom Software Developer

"My Highest Priced Project Before Was $5k. I Pitched a $10k Project During Training - and Won."

Samantha N, TED Presentation Consultant

"Needed Help Transitioning from Expert to Selling Business Owner."

Hau N, Enterprise Analytics Consultant

"I Feel Really Good, Not Tricky or Anything. I'm Confident About What I'm Selling."

Elise R, Digital Marketing Consultant

"I Have a System Now, and I Can Guide Potential Clients When I Sell."

Anthony E, Business Coach and Consultant

Next Step: Determine If CSB Is Right For You

  1. If you're interested in learning more about CSB and whether it's right for you, book a call so we can mutually determine if it's a good fit to help you achieve your goals.
  2. If it's a fit, we'll schedule your goal-setting call, and get you ready to start.
  3. You'll receive calendar invitations for office hours sessions, as well as a Slack invite for the private channel.