The Show Podcast

A Show to Help You Build a Better Consulting Business


The Show is the only podcast dedicated to helping consultants, professional service providers, and freelancers build a better business. I know, because I looked.

It's like a business variety show, and you can expect a few different types of episodes:

  • Interviews with industry leaders who share their insights about marketing, sales, and fulfillment of your services
  • Solo episodes about selling your services where I give you useful tips that are insightful and actionable (I can brag sometimes, can't I?)
  • Monthly Mondays episodes where I share what's happening in my business on the first Monday of every month

Got a Question?

Great! I'd love to hear it. Record a quick voicemail and I just might answer your question on air, or even record a whole podcast episode dedicated to your question. It only takes a minute, and you can do it with your computer or phone. Don't you love technology?

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