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Modern sales advice for independent consultants and firms, with a healthy scoop of behavioral economics and neuroscience.

Interviews with owners of firms and thought leaders on the lessons they've learned, and how they've built their own businesses.

For independent consultants looking to build a 100% remote and online expertise-driven business, without the bullshit. 

"You're one of my only two “must listen immediately” podcasts in my current list of 284 podcasts I’m subscribed to...great material. Keep up the amazing work!"

-Another Satisfied Listener

Most Recent Episodes

Ep002: Serve, Don’t Sell

June 28, 2018

The key to selling your consulting expertise is to serve, not sell. I know it sounds weird, but it’ll unlock better relationships, more clients, and whole lot better feeling about every sales step you take. Full Episode Transcription: Hello, and welcome to Episode Two of The Liston.io Show, where I...

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Ep001: Welcome to The Liston.io Show

June 28, 2018

Welcome to The Liston.io Show! I want to help you build a better consulting business. Hang out here to learn about marketing, selling, and improving your consulting expertise and building your team, if you have one (or want one).

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