Referrals aren't a growth strategy.

Growth and sales consulting for agencies ready to grow beyond the referral.

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Caffeinate your lead generation
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Sam Nienow

I felt much more confident in connecting with my key contacts and focusing on simple, impactful steps to build my business.

Samantha Nienow, Owner at Red Zest Design

There's one thing standing between you and having a thriving agency: sales

Not sure how to fill up your sales pipeline?

Stuck choosing which tools, tech, and tactics to use?

Do you deliver world-class results, but struggle to get new conversations?

Are you allergic to sales and marketing?

Do you freeze, not knowing what to do next, but still need new clients?


Sales shouldn't be this hard.

Most agencies and professional service firms don't need many clients to thrive. The problem is most don't know what to do to find and close the right clients to make up their dream business.

Hi, I'm Liston. I'll help you scale sales at your agency, without spending half your day selling.


I know what it's like to feel the frustration of not knowing how to increase leads and close sales. When my referrals started slowing down I remember thinking "this shouldn't be so hard!"

I'm not a natural at marketing or sales, and I'm guessing you aren't either. But having the right systems in place means you don't need to be a natural at all. With the right combination of targeting, basic lead generation, and sales strategies, your agency will be back on the path to revenue growth.

I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all sales approach.

But I do believe that there are time-tested principals and inalienable truths about business that'll keep you ahead of the game. That's why my coaching is a unique combination of strategy, implementation, and coaching to take you from revenue-rollercoaster to having a client waiting list.

How I Work With Clients



We'll discuss your current lead generation, marketing, and sales systems, and identify come up with a customized implementation plan.



I'll help you build your lead generation and sales systems, with a gushing amount of support along the way (yes, I mean it).



You'll have a scalable system that automatically brings in more leads and deals, and you can hire a team to close for you.

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Liston has been phenomenal. I have a sales background and like to think I can figure things out for myself, but having Liston as an advisor has saved me hundreds of hours. He'll push you and hold you accountable - I'd recommend him to anyone.

Andy Storch, Consultant and Coach @ Advantage Performance Group

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How We Can Work Together

Remote Coaching

Take one of my courses and learn at your own pace.

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Private Workshops

Get your biggest questions answered.

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We'll create a custom plan and problem-solve together.

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The right clients, exciting projects, a full sales pipeline, and energizing fulfillment: that's a dream agency to me. If you're reading this, referrals alone won't get you there.

When you have a sales system you'll eliminate:


Why isn't your agency helping more clients? You do valuable work. I'll help you do more.

How much time are you wasting reading bullsh*t articles?

How much money are you losing by dropping leads that could work with you later?

How much sleep are you losing by not having a predictable pipeline?

How much of your soul dies when people can't figure out what you do?

How much longer are you willing to delay the changes you know you need to make?

It's time for a thriving business. Take control today.