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Win Business Without Relying Solely On Referrals

For Independent Consultants

Private Coaching - $11,000
For independent consultants committed to rapidly accelerating their skills in creating an authority position in their market, improving every sales interaction, and ultimately winning more and better clients.

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Group Coaching - starting at $1,800
Consulting Sales Bootcamp is a group learning experience for consultants who want to have more and better conversations with Perfect Clients, and build a sales process that's repeatable and reliable.

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One-Off Coaching Call - $350
Have a particular sales or marketing challenge that you need tackled right away? Book a 60-minute video or phone call for help with a particular challenge in your business, and walk away with action steps.

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For Small Firms

Sales Playbook - $8,000
A done-for-you consulting project to help you define your entire sales process, including your Perfect Clients, your sales stages, and all of the content and technology you need along the way.

Authority Marketing Plan - $8,000
A done-for-you consulting project to help you create a pathway to developing an authority position in your market, get away from price-shopping clients, and begin to receive highly qualified leads outside of your referral network.

Sales Training - starts at $2,000/day
Remote training for teams looking to improve their selling skills.

New Business Audit - $2,500
A small consulting project to identify the three most pressing initiatives you can take to improve your selling and drive new business to your firm.

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