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Sell with confidence, win your dream clients, and leave the pressure and awkwardness behind.

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"I'm an expert, but I suck at talking to clients. Bad."

Why is it that you’re so good at creating and delivering services, but it’s so hard to talk to clients?

It comes from necessity. As in, you need to make a sale. But focusing on what you want is the worst approach. It puts you and your potential client in a pressure cooker. It makes you say things and act in ways you wouldn’t normally.

And part of it is that you think you suck at talking to clients, and therefore you do. I’d contend that the problem is a different one entirely: you’re not seeing yourself as a peer.

Sam Nienow

I felt much more confident in connecting with my key contacts and focusing on simple, impactful steps to build my business.

Samantha Nienow, Owner @ Red Zest Design

It's time to sell with confidence, sans awkwardness.

Confidence can seem like some elusive thing that’s either present at birth, or it’s not. Not true!

Confidence is a mix of belief and ability. That is, intentional improvement of a skill (like selling and all that goes into it) leads to increased ability. Increased ability leads to increased belief. Competence moves you toward confidence.

Most freelancers, consultants, and agencies don’t need many clients to thrive. I want to help you sell with confidence, create the business you’ve always wanted, and improve yourself along the way.

storch headshot

Liston has been a phenomenal coach to me. I have a sales background and like to think I can figure things out for myself, but having Liston as an advisor has saved me hundreds of hours. He'll push you and hold you accountable - I'd recommend him to anyone.

Andy Storch, Consultant and Coach @ Advantage Performance Group

Let's get you a quick win.

You're not a salesperson. Selling is a behavior, albeit one that's absolutely critical to your success.

Mastering selling takes years - I won't promise an overnight success story, because that doesn't exist. But there are steps you can take to make the biggest strides today.

That's why I've distilled my advice down into the absolute essentials. Grab my Sales In 30 video course to learn the:

  • Mindset that'll help you win more dream clients while maintaining your integrity and feeling good about selling
  • Process to keep your leads progressing and turning into more deals than ever before
  • Lead Gen opportunities you already have, to bring business in as quickly as possible
  • Sales Conversation strategies to create more clients and even (dare I say) make selling fun
  • Negotiation ideas that'll help you land better deals, with better prices, and better terms for all parties

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Anthony English

Liston's amazing! It seems to me that most of the sales advice assumes we're in a corporate sales team. Liston is breaking through that noise.

Anthony English, Business Coach and Consultant