Take control of your consulting business, with more predictable results.

Consulting Sales Bootcamp (Beta)

Get in early on a program that’ll help you sell with confidence, build a repeatable sales process, and know what to do next in every single sale.

The first session starts July 9th, 2018 with limited space.


Ditch the awkwardness and feel confident in every client interaction.

It's time to get serious about selling your expertise.

Here are some signs that you may need to improve your consulting sales process:

  • You’re not sure what to do next during a sale
  • You frequently drop leads (oops)
  • You don’t know how to improve your process, because you don’t have one
  • You can’t predict how likely you are to close new business
  • You can’t iterate on your process or teach someone else how to do it

You can fix all of these things, but your sales process won’t fix itself.

When referrals aren't enough...

Most consulting businesses survive on a few anchor clients and word of mouth.

That’s great, until it’s not.

And even while it’s great, it’s a recipe for disaster. Passively waiting on your next client to sign up for your services isn’t a business strategy. Saying your existing leads suck puts all the control in someone else.

And hope isn't a business strategy.

Most consulting companies are founded by someone leaving their job (voluntarily or otherwise). A client or two might come out of the deal, serving as the basis for the new consulting business.

That's normal, but there's something you should know about it:

It means that sales is not part of your company’s DNA. That’s totally fine: you’re in the majority.

But it can be, and it should be.

Enter Consulting Sales Bootcamp.


Feel confident when you sell, and always know what to do next.


Consulting Sales Bootcamp is an online learning experience that gives you the sales knowledge you need and translates it into action.

After the bootcamp, you will:

  • Know what to do next at every point in the sale
  • Create a structured process reflected in a CRM
  • Have tools and processes to follow up with leads
  • Effortlessly discuss money and terms without the awkwardness
  • Walk away with a fully built sales playbook customized for your business

All of these outcomes would be a huge win for you and your company, but let’s take a look at how this program is different, and what's inside. 

Stop cutting your price and giving sweetheart deals to new clients. 


I hate online courses.
That's why I made a bootcamp, instead.

Depending on who you believe, most online courses have a dropout rate of 95%. Why does this happen?

I can summarize it two words: accountability and application.


I named this Consulting Sales Bootcamp for a reason: bootcamps are hard. If you want “an easy A” then don’t take this bootcamp. It’s not easy because it was designed that way.

The problem with making a fundamental change in your habits or the way you do things is that it takes time, energy, and repetition. In fact, a new habit takes nearly 60 days to develop, which is why this bootcamp is 8 weeks. But you need some help in creating that habit, and I’ve structured the program to help you.

Live group coaching sessions will give you a place to bring your questions and learn from your peers’ questions and work.

Live peer group sessions will help you progress together with a group of people going through the program, dedicated to improving their sales.


This bootcamp won’t be a success unless you apply what you learn and actually bring in more sales.

Exercises in each module will help you do the work you need to do to lay the foundation for a more successful selling process. The exercises will have direct benefit and application to your business, so there’s nothing wasted.

CRM and sales playbooks are part of the exercises, but these will be particularly useful in stepping up your sales game for your consulting business. And that’s what you really want, right???

How It Works


Consulting Sales Bootcamp is an 8-week online learning experience that includes:


Weekly pre-recorded video content to give you foundational instruction that you can watch and review


Exercises and quizzes to reinforce and apply what you learn to your own consulting sales


Weekly LIVE online peer group meetings (up to 4 people per group) to work through any challenges you have with your exercises, and get feedback


Weekly LIVE online group office hours with Liston (up to 12 per group) so you can bring your questions and learn from other members of your cohort


Written feedback on assignments from Liston every week


Free lifetime updates to the bootcamp content and materials as its improved and tweaked


Your 60-Day Plan

✅ Week 1 - Self-Assessment and Reflection

Let's set the tone, shall we? I'll give you checklists and worksheets so you can document the whole thing through a process that gives you X-ray vision into what's worked and what hasn't in your sales process.


✅ Week 2 - Building a Process and CRM

Transform your past triumphs into a successful, repeatable, and scalable sales process tailored to your strengths and the unique requirements of your clients, and implement it all into a CRM.


✅ Week 3 - Follow Up With Confidence

Learn how to stay in touch without being annoying, and reach out to any lead with confidence. You'll build scripts along the way, and get access to mine.


✅ Week 4 - Client + Messaging

Who’s your ideal client, and what are you going to say to them? You’ll crystalize who you’re talking to and why, and generate reusable messaging scripts that include the problems your clients have, and the solutions you provide.


✅ Week 5 - Initial Call and Discovery

Map out your initial call and discovery process so you're set up for success, then practice it in a mock sales call during the bootcamp.


✅ Week 6 - Delivering Your Offer

This is what most people think of when they hear the word "sales." Learn how to deliver your offer and talk about money without being defensive or awkward, while making it compelling to your prospect.


✅ Week 7 - Negotiation

Sometimes you need to negotiate, but I'm going to teach you how to negotiate beyond price. You'll never again cut your price or give a sweetheart deal to win a client.


✅ Week 8 - Ongoing Improvement

Learn how to learn from your process, continually assessing and making adjustments to the way you sell to deliver a better experience to your clients, win more deals, and get to yes or no faster.

Ready to take the next step?

Liston Witherill 2017 Headshot

About Me

Hi there! I’m Liston, and I created this bootcamp because I’ve spent years selling and marketing consulting services, and I’ve seen a few patterns emerge.

Along the way, I’ve applied what I’ve learned in order to:

  • Lead Business Development and Marketing efforts at a $12M consulting firm, helping them grow 30% in 3 years
  • Grow my own marketing agency from $20k to $270k in two years
  • Worked with hundreds of independent consultants and consulting business owners to grow their businesses
  • Share my sales content on LinkedIn to generate over 200k views in four months
  • Grow this here sales coaching and training business to over $125k in annual recurring revenue in just five months

Growing up, I built my first computer when I was 12, so technology has always been an important part of my life. I went on to become a Z-list rapper (I scored a national spot on a VH1 show once) before returning to school and getting a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science.

I live with my beautiful wife, stripey dog, and stripey cat in the Pacific Northwest wonderland that is Portland, OR.


What People Are Saying About Me

"Needed Help Transitioning from Expert to Selling Business Owner."

"My Highest Priced Project Before Was $5k. I Pitched a $10k Project During Training - and Won."

"Blog Posts and Podcasts Didn't Have the Answer."

"I Feel Really Good, Not Tricky or Anything. I'm Confident About What I'm Selling."

"I Have a System Now, and I Can Guide Potential Clients When I Sell."


What It Means to Be Beta

I’ve used products that were alpha or beta versions that barely worked. That’s not what you’re getting in this bootcamp.

But since it is the beta version of the bootcamp, I wanted you to know exactly what that means, and what you can expect if you sign up.

So here’s what you can expect:

  • Limited to a total of 12 people
  • A first-of-its-kind bootcamp designed to teach consultants how to sell their expertise
  • The first version of the bootcamp
  • Every-other-week surveys so you can weigh in on how the bootcamp is going, and how I can make it better
  • The lowest ever price for the bootcamp
  • Content that’s already been proven to help consultants improve their selling, upgraded with more in-depth examples and higher production quality

Options and Investment

Just the Bootcamp - $1,500

(Regularly $3,000)


☑ 60-Day Bootcamp

☑ 8 Video Modules

☑ Live Group Coaching

☑ Live Peer Group Calls

☑ All Exercises

☑ Checklists and Scripts

☑ Email Templates

☑ Feedback on Exercises

☑ Your Own Sales Playbook

☑ Lifetime Updates to Program Materials

Bootcamp + Review - $2,500

(Regularly $4,500)


☑ 60-Day Bootcamp

☑ 8 Video Modules

☑ Live Group Coaching

☑ Live Peer Group Calls

☑ All Exercises

☑ Checklists and Scripts

☑ Email Templates

☑ Feedback on Exercises

☑ Your Own Sales Playbook

☑ Lifetime Updates to Program Materials

☑ 1-Hour Private Call to Review Your Playbook

☑ 30 Days of Post-Bootcamp Email Access to Liston

12-Month Advisor - $4,000

(Regularly $6,000)


☑ 60-Day Bootcamp

☑ 8 Video Modules

☑ Live Group Coaching

☑ Live Peer Group Calls

☑ All Exercises

☑ Checklists and Scripts

☑ Email Templates

☑ Feedback on Exercises

☑ Your Own Sales Playbook

☑ Lifetime Updates to Program Materials

☑ 1-Hour Private Call to Review Your Playbook

☑ 30 Days of Post-Bootcamp Email Access to Liston

☑ 3x Quarterly 1-Hour Private Check-In Calls

Not sure if this is a fit for you? Let's talk.