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Modern sales advice for independent consultants and firms, with a healthy scoop of behavioral economics and neuroscience.

Interviews with owners of firms and thought leaders on the lessons they've learned, and how they've built their own businesses.

For independent consultants looking to build a 100% remote and online expertise-driven business, without the bullshit. 

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Most Recent Episodes

How to Gain Trust In Sales

June 5, 2019

Building trust was important 50 years ago, and it’s just as important today. When buyers trust sellers, they depend on them, listen to them, give them access, and spend time with them. Trust is critical for sales success. But today’s buyers are busier than ever and, at the same time,...

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Using Outbound While Still Being Human with Kevin Warner of Leadium

May 29, 2019

Outbound is a traditional way of marketing where it is the company that starts the conversation. Outbound leads also called as interruption lead generation’ is when you send messages directly to prospects. Print advertisements, telemarketing, televisions, and radio advertisement are few of the examples that fall under the outbound marketing....

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The Best Closing Technique (Is Better Investigation)

May 22, 2019

So you’ve practiced your routine a million times, you’ve got your voice down to that perfect tone. You’ve perfected your strategy to get past the gatekeeper on a consistent basis. But you’re still not making a sale – why? What’s going wrong? Sometimes a little nudge in the right direction...

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The Future of Sales Content with Hubspot CMO Kipp Bodnar

May 15, 2019

There was a time when most businesses saw content as something that customers engaged with only during specific phases of the buyer’s journey. Currently, more companies understand the critical role that high-value content plays at every stage of the buyer’s journey, and in particular, the selling process. Our guest today,...

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Communication for Quiet Leaders with Tom Yorton

May 14, 2019

Leadership, like personalities, comes in different shapes and sizes. Introversion or extroversion is not about how shy or social you are; it is about how you derive your energy. Introverted leaders who struggle with communication, succeed when they understand the underlying needs and benefits for those they lead. Today, our guest is...

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The Escalating Cost of Cold Email with Forster Perelsztejn of Prospect.io

May 8, 2019

Why would anyone want to use cold email? Because, when done well, it can work. Cold email is not a replacement for inbound methods but a supplement—a way to drive near-term growth while inbound campaigns gain traction. Today, our guest is Forster Perelsztejn of Prospect.io. Their company makes software that...

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Brand Purpose For Your Clients and Agency with Betsy Henning of Aha

May 7, 2019

A brand’s purpose should be the center of attention in order to gain success. A brand with a strong purpose not only helps the overall good of society but also helps customers know what they stand for through purpose-driven brand actions. In a world in which consumers can quickly find...

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Building Diverse Teams with Elena Christopoulos

April 30, 2019

There is an increasing body of evidence that diverse teams of varying racial and ethnic makeup produce better results. They perform better financially, gain a competitive edge when recruiting top talent, experience less employee turnover, and offer greater benefits for those they serve. Today, our guest is Elena Christopoulos. A...

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Price Anchoring How It Takes the Pain Out of High Prices

April 24, 2019

You find yourself in the market for a new car. You go to a nearby car lot and find a vehicle you would love to own, but the price is firmly outside of your range. Up walks an observant salesman, and after a bit of back and forth, he tells...

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How to Establish Authority with Bob Lalasz

April 23, 2019

One of the most powerful ways to establish authority is through thought leadership. It is all about sharing ideas, insights and valuable information to your target audience with the goal of solving their problem and improve lives. Being a respected expert is essential in new customer acquisition and retention. Acting...

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